The Swank Rally of Sardinia was created with the aim of giving to all the enthusiasts the opportunity of have a real rally experience, without ranking anxieties; however, a little competition will make everything more fun. In addition to the top 3 positions in the R1, R2, R3 categories, the following prizes will be awarded:

Swank Prize: Those who distinguish themselves in any way during the event according to the Swank spirit. From the attitude to the outfit.

Precision Trophy: Because speed is not everything, we also reward those who make navigation their strong point. The Precision Trophy, in cooperation with Garmin Italia, rewards the three riders in the ‘Experience’ category, who will have covered the closest number of kilometers to the number indicated by the organizers throughout the event.

Team Trophy: this year too it will be possible to participate in teams. There will be a dedicated ranking, but team members will also enter the ranking individually.

A team can consist of 3 or 4 drivers, entered either in R1 R2 and R3, or in the Experience category.

For the team ranking it will be considered the sum of the final ranking positions of the first 3 team members. If you want to be included in this trophy, ensure to write the name of your team while fulfilling the registration form.

Partecipation modality


Tuesday 26 September

Wednesday 27 September

Thursday 28 September

Friday 29 September

Saturday 30 September

Tuesday 26 September

Malpensa Sporting and technical checks – Special prologue stage at night

Wednesday 27 September

1st stage Malpensa – Genoa – Boarding for Olbia

Thursday 28 September

2nd stage: Olbia – Orosei

Friday 29 September

3rd stage: Orosei – Orosei

Saturday 30 September

4th stage: Orosei – Olbia – Embarkation for Genoa

Entry fee

Info & Costs

Entries are open from 1st January until 10th September 2023

Entries will be accepted subject to availability. Approximately 250 motorbikes will be accepted according to the following criteria:
  • The first 100 historic motorbikes registered
  • The first 100 modern motorbikes registered

When this threshold is reached, the percentage between modern and historic motorbikes of the remaining 50 places will be announced.

All amounts indicated are VAT included

The registration fee includes

  • Ferry A/R in double cabin Dinner/breakfast on ship exclude
  • Motorbike ferry transportation A/R

  • 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with 1/2 board (excluding drinks at dinner) in a shared double room.

  • Road book or GPS tracks of the route

  • Medical service

  • Motorbike recovery along the route. Rescued bikes and pilots will be carried up to the point of arrival of the stage. From the stage arrival to Olbia harbor or other location, will be at the full expense of the participant.
  • IMPORTANT: Transport of 1 soft luggage from the start to the stage finish (max. cm. 80x60x40). Oversized luggage will not be transported. The organization is not liable for any damage to luggage during transport.
  • Liability insurance of the organiser

  • Official Rally T-shirt
  • Official rally stickers for the bike

  • Official race bracelet



Early Rider


Pre-registration €. 700,00 within 28th February. Balance €. 600,00 within 30th June (See Regulation).



from 1 March to 15th July

Last Minute (subject to hotel and ship availability)


from 16th July to 10th September (subject to availability of places)

Additional Compulsory Costs
– Transponder rental: €. 50,00 in cash on the day of technical checks
– Transponder deposit: €. 100,00 in cash on the day of technical checks

The registration fee includes

  • A/R ferry in double cabin EXCLUSE dinner/breakfast
  • 2 nights 4-star hotel in 1/2 board (excluding drinks at dinner) in shared double room
  • Official race stickers for the vehicle (if registered)

  • Tracks to the authorized service point along the route (if vehicle registered as assistance)

  • Official Rally T-shirt

  • Official race bracelet





from 01 January 23 to 15 July 23




from 16 July 23 to 10 September 23

Additional costs

Assistance vehicle

Car standard entry: €. 200,00 + vehicle transport fare round trip by ferry
Car + Trolley standard entry: €. 300,00 + vehicle transport fare round trip by ferry
Car + Trolley standard entry: €. 300,00 + vehicle transport fare round trip by ferry

Fare for vehicle transport by ferry A/R:

– Car: max. l. m. 5 – h. m. 2.9                           €. 250,00
– Car with trailer: max l. m.7 – h. 4,2             €. 350,00
– Car with trailer: max l. m.12 – h. 4,2           €. 400,00
– Van: max. l. m. 7 – h. m. 2,9                          €. 350,00
– Van: max. l. m. 7 – h. m. 4,2                          €. 400,00
– Van: max. l. m. 7 to m. 12 – h. m. 4,2          €. 450,00

Other dimensions to be quoted


By 16th July, the entire entry fee will be refunded with a 10% deduction.

By 31st August, the entire entry fee will be refunded with a 30% deduction.

Beyond this date nothing will be refunded.

Any cancellations and requests for reimbursement must be communicated by email or registered letter with advice of receipt to be sent to the following address:

Adventure Riding SRL

Via Borgo, 1
22070 Appiano Gentile (CO) Italy
+39 3519604584